Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Commercials That Make Me Want To Kill

I don't have rollover minutes with my phone plan. It's okay, because I can't speak half the time. No, really, it's okay because only two people in my directory are still living.

But there's these commercials where the non-existant entity known as rollover minutes take on a life of their own, Chucky-style, and become fascinating to people I don't care about.

Daft asses selling bowls of kitchen timers being chided by their mothers as a device for learning why some phone plans are better than others is very confusing. These timers, they aren't things you can actually buy and plug into your phone. I HAD TO TELL THIS TO SOMEONE VERY DEAR TO ME.

THEY DON'T EXIST. They aren't real. Say it with me. It's okay, I see things that aren't there too, but I don't go attributing characteristics to crap and making other people believe in my psychosis, do I?

Oh, right.

But I don't put it on TV morning, noon, and night, do I?

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