Saturday, April 25, 2009

Songs of My Misspent Youth: Walk Between The Raindrops

People who know me and have witnessed me professing my love for Steely Dan BEFORE I knew the name had an origin will not be surprised Walk Between Raindrops by Donald Fagen made it onto my list of songs I've heard at memorable moments in my life.

I always liked the song, so hearing it the morning I let the dog out to wee and the cat out to eat some grass only to find a continuous stream of carpenter ants going into and coming out of my house calmed me a bit. As did taking a swatter to the ants. 1997 was not the first year of the carpenter ants, and it wasn't the last time I'd find something eating my house*, but that humid morning, exercising futility to the max with my puny swatter in hand, the cat and dog even following some of the ants, that was...quite a moment. It was just starting to rain, too.

Seeing that video reminds me that a great deal of my time was not wasted at all playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with Nan and Mum, m'man stretched out across my lap, purring and rubbing on my elbow every time I had to stop petting him to do paramedic missions. I don't do paramedic missions in GTA anymore, you know. My elbow doesn't feel the same.

*Hey kids, if you see insects eating your home, don't let anyone tell you you're crazy and annoying and to just wait until your foot goes through the floor. Anyone who says that doesn't really love you and will probably die before the house gets eaten badly enough, leaving you with a big buggy mess to clean up.

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