Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gandhi Would Listen To Everyone's Stories.

Yet another past entry for a 100 Word Stories weekly challenge. You love these, admit it. You love them because I love them, right? ...Hmph.

I went into full ditz mode for the theme of challenge #151, What Would Gandhi Do? because I have met too many people like this that get their minds all confused and I wanna lock 'em up and throw away the key before they kill more braincells. In my case I could just put the key down and I'd totally forget where it was in a few seconds.

I love Ben Kingsley SO much. He made me appreciate that Gandhi guy and what he did for the world and all. I mean, I learned more about Gandhi from that movie than I ever learned in whatever that class was I took with Chelsea, back when we were first learning to text.

Ben Kingsley had me arrested after I jumped out of his shower to ask why he had all those men shooting at Robert Redford in Sneakers when Robert Redford just wants to save the arctic.

I’m not mad, though, I think Gandhi wouldn’t be mad, I guess.

If you go to the page and listen to the challenge, you can hear me totally do a character, and you can hear 12 other characters reading their stories. It's all good.

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