Thursday, April 09, 2009

Have I Ever Mentioned I Love Mothballs

A while back I mentioned that I've been sending entries into 100 Word Stories for the weekly challenge where everyone gets a theme and writes 100 words about it. (Hullo peoples visiting from over there!) This week I was finally able to log back into BlogRolling so I added the link along the left sidebar so you can go listen to Laurence Simon's neat stories after you're done reading my stuff. I HAVE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE PLANNED.

I thought I'd post some of my past entries, being I ain't got nothin' new for all y'all and I'm doing ScriptFrenzy this month so I think you'll enjoy these stories better than NOTHING.

The first challenge I took part in was #149 and the theme was Mothballs. This is what wrote. Not my usual fare, I realize, and entirely fictional (I'm allergic to apples, after all).

The apple falls from my hand as the familiar smell brings it all back to me, Stewie Norton fumbling with my blouse in the dark, the pawing of his grandmother's cat at the door.

Nearly given away by the meows of a tabby.

I pick my fruit up off the floor of aisle seven with one last glance at the box of mothballs next to the Yahrtzeit candles under the mop display and turn away from my dark, dirty past.

Things were so much simpler then, no courtship, just a quickie in the closet.

Young love behind old men's suits.

You can hear the story read, along with nine great tales of mothballs here.

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