Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Week I Learned Some Polish Words

Once upon a time the 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge was a Wikipedia Wildcard. I had to go to Wikipedia and hit random article, and write about whatever came up. I got 2009 Speedway Ekstraliga. I had no idea what that was, despite being one of those girls who would rather leave on X-Games than many other things, but thanks to glorious Wikipedia, I was able to pull off something that made me so happy my vocal cords seized up.

Hello and welcome to the 2009 Speedway Ekstraliga! It is jam-packed tonight! Poles from pole to pole have come to witness an exciting rematch between Atlas Wroclaw and Lotos Gdansk! Neither team did very well last season, but they don't that stop them!

As they round the far turn--what's this? Jason Crump has stood up on his motorbike
and is turning to drive directly into the path of the other riders!

He's holding's a sports drink! The other riders are grabbing
the bottles tossed by Crump. I seem to be watching an advertisement. The race
hasn't started yet.

To me, I figured the voice just added to the character of an announcer that had just gone too long without coffee. Sure. Hey, it hurts my ears too. For the podcast and 10 other nuggets of random goodness go here. You will like.

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Anne D. said...

Oh my god, I love that speedway riff! LOL!!!! Brilliant.

It's somehow Steve Martin-esque.