Thursday, July 23, 2009

Barbecued Dinosaurs Smell Just Like Chicken

I love writing for the 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge because I can go be someone else for a minute or so and that's the best way to live, really. Totally be a different person every five minutes or 18 days or seven years--no, five minutes is good.

This week's topic involved THUNDER, however...and I happen to have some history with thunder. I'll just say this one is two truths and a lie and let you figure which part is which.

My father loved to tell me bullshit stories during thunderstorms.
His favorite involved dinosaurs stampeding out of a crack in the earth. I guess it was one he'd been told. He was struck by lightning three times.

Years later my uncle explained that the rumble I was freaking out over was from static electricity in the clouds. I calmed down, enjoyed the rest of the barbecue, and fell in love with science.

I told this story to the Dr. Wu when the power went out, and he laughed.

He said, "That wasn't thunder, that was the dinosaur we cloned, escaping."

12 other cracking tales surround mine in a perfect storm of fart jokes and fabulousness that can be heard from miles away here.

The part of Dr. Wu was not played by B.D. Wong this evening. Dammit.

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