Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Call Alanis Morrissette, I have experienced irony!

I recently wrote about going honest with my fonts, for some prints I wanted to make money with. I kept going until I found a font I liked that I could use honestly.

Tragically, when I uploaded the scans of my prints to Etsy, they didn't resize them down from the big-ass high-rez versions that can be printed flawlessly.

So I might have given out around 350 free drawings, and gotten not so much as a thank you.

I just wrote to Etsy and suggested they protect idiots like me in the future with a big warning against uploading their originals instead of a smaller, crappier version, which I have now replaced my drawings with.

I have learned a hard lesson, and it might have cost me the balance of a few bills we haven't gotten to pay off yet.

Enjoy the free art! You could've written, you could've said, "Hey, I'm poor, can I just bum a copy?" and I would've sent it gladly, just happy to know someone liked my crappy art. But no, now I'm bitter at you. Whoever you may be.

What would really crack me up is if no one thought to save a copy illegally, and all those views were just to verify that yeah, my art sucks.

Then again, I take this as a sign that I've repaid my karmic debt for all those MP3s.


robbie-fauver said...

Hey your art is still on there for free! Just kidding!

BrideOfPorkins said...

Well, yeah, but now it's 72dpi and has the added annoyance of the watermark to clone out. That ought to add thirty seconds to the act of swiping.