Saturday, July 01, 2006

Enjoy The Silence.

How humorous would it have been to just leave the blog with a video of singing pills and the obscure message, "I should have listened."

Even I was starting to get visions of myself passed out under the desk, aspirating my own puke and mumbling the words to We're Not Candy. Either that, or I was recalling my ninth year. Hmm.

I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes tweaking on my webpages, I have finally discovered RSS and Atom and so everything I'm writing here will show up in a little blurb at the bottom of my comic page, along with the latest from the LiveJournal that goes with the comic, and any new items in my Etsy shop.

I draw some edgy things, man. Someday, when I'm dead, it'll all be worth something.

I haven't been able to fit blogging into my schedule, because I'm currently working on a creative project purely for fun. Shocking. It'll be up on the 5th. Must meet the deadline, or else it will make no sense at all. Unless I put it off until next year, and by then I may be taken by the green-glowing, Death Mark-launching tainted McNuggets which featured heavily in a dream I had this morning.

I am listening to the 96-hour Depeche Mode extravaganza on Sirius First Wave. I love everything Depeche Mode has ever done, so I'm enjoying it. I haven't even gotten tired of hearing Devotional over and over yet, even though 101 is better.

The happy, spaced-out song that TMPGEnc plays when it's done with a file scares me sometimes. It wafts in through the Depeche Mode and makes me think I'm being taken by tainted processed food.

The file is done, Depeche Mode is wrapping up their set, and my train of thought has been derailed. But I now have an extra gig free on my drive. That is what I call a successful waste of time.

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