Sunday, July 30, 2006

"That's where we live."

In 1984, I used to listen to Z-100 a lot. I ripped the knob off, just like they told me. So I heard the Morning Zoo's spoof show, Miami Mice, where squeaky voices would explain, "'Cause that's where we live," and it was the height of hilarity for my sleep-deprived day.

I own the Miami Vice soundtrack. I'm not ashamed to say Crockett's Theme was a song I played to death and would listen to right now were it not a few minutes' of work away from me. I play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City regularly. I *heart* Phil Collins. The video to Smuggler's Blues by Glenn Frey was, in my opinion, a good story.

So why do I not like the television show Miami Vice? Was it the cheesy remakes of songs they couldn't get the rights to? Maybe. Was it that I just didn't like a single thing about the show except the theme and the frikkin' flamingos? Well, yeah, but I can't use "I didn't like it," as a reason for why I didn't like it, because for all purposes, I should have liked it.

The idea of the new movie interests me even less. Although the remake of In The Air Tonight amuses me.

I may belong to the city, I may belong to the night, but if I want to hear Strict Machine, I'm just going to

When are they going to make a movie based on Banana Splits?


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