Monday, July 24, 2006


Here is something I never thought about: coffee, which goes down rather warm, cools in the digestive system. Really.

I already knew cold coffee doesn't taste so great, but cold coffee leaving me through my nose is just an extra level of bad that I could have lived many more years without ever having experienced.


Rainbow Heron said...

Dare I ask how that happened?

Did the puppy eat the battery?

xodiaq said...

Thomas Dolby left that part out of the song, i think…

Rainbow Heron said...

I was referring to the puppy taking the battery on Monkey.

[everyone observes a moment of collective groaning and applause for the power plant pun!]

Still wondering what sparked the coffee thing.

BrideOfPorkins said...

RH, I threw up my coffee. It was so sad, it was a nice hot cup of coffee when it started out, too.

And no, The Puppy didn't really eat the battery, but in the comic, she has plans for that battery (That, and when she said "battery!" I was petting her maybe a little too violently). I'm a little unnerved that I drew that strip and then my battery charger cracked. It's like a bad movie, my Monday strip may turn real if the replacement charger doesn't get here in time.

X, I know, I think Miss Sakamoto wouldn't look so beautiful with coffee all over her dress. Then again, if Thomas Dolby is does he know she's beautiful? She could be like that chick in the tub from The Shining.