Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh my stars and garters: movie reviews from the fog.

Due to The Puppy's leg surgery, the holidays, and lack of time in general, we haven't gotten to see as many movies as we were seeing, and many of the movies we've seen lately are repeats of movies I've already opined on here. Short-term memory loss is an annoying thing; I forget a lot of things, unfortunately the movies I'm about to mention will not leave my mind so easily.

We have seen the remake of The Omen that I blogged about, and it it was annoying because nothing much has changed. Oh sure, the effects were updated, but no part of the plot changed. I'm not sure what part of the plot I would have changed, and had I never seen the original Omen, this would've been better, I'm sure, but come to think of if the only Omen movie I really dug was The Final Conflict.

X-Men: The Last Stand, or X3 as the abbreviators call it, was a letdown. I loved the first two X-Men movies, and I expected to love this one as well. Jean Grey was neat, of course, but wasted. The rest of the movie seemed like other movies I've even reminded me of my Turducken story, and that's just messed up. No, I haven't read many X-Men comics, but I have read about the comics, and there were better storylines the writers could have borrowed from. Not knowing every line from the comics caused me to finally lose my mind and start laughing when the very large, tough, and surprisingly rather kick-ass Beast says, "Oh my stars and garters!"

I know Hollywood is trying to get kids to emulate better behavior, but I can't really see "Oh my stars and garters!" catching on. I would say I'll use it from now on when I'm looking at something really nasty like full-on mutant war, but I know that line will pass into the same fog as flame-handed ninja Dr. Watson.


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