Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Would anyone notice one less blog?

I have always been subject to the opinion that my words leave little mark on the world. There are, I theorize, a very small number of blogs that actually do make a lasting impression in the collective psyche of the world. Is the usual routine to skim a post, maybe think about it, maybe comment, and then forget it?

So many television shows have recaps after each commercial. House Hunters, for instance, rehashes the history of the buyer at least five times in thirty minutes. Does it make people better remember what they've seen? Do the fast, flashing images of stars on entertainment "news" make people remember any longer than they would if they read some gossip off a static web page?

I remember flashing. I remember spinning.

I cannot remember why I sat down.

I think there was something I was meant to do.


jeffrey rowland said...

Ooga booga!

BrideOfPorkins said...


I wish I'd known you and Mashley were in town, my puppy dug a non-haunted replica of the Freedom Hole that you could've checked out, and we would've fed you.