Monday, January 15, 2007

The Boiler Explodin' Blues.

I got the boiler explodin' blues,
My ol' boiler, it go boom.

Well, I got the boiler explodin' blues,
My old boiler, it went boom.
All that is meant to be connected.
Well my daddy went and left me,
Left me with this evil boiler room.

Early Monday mornin',
That's the Monday 'fore today.

I said early last Monday mornin',
A man come here to say,

Said, "You need your filter changed soon,
but I won't do it for you today."

So my boiler done exploded,
Oily smell fill up the place.

I said my boiler done exploded,
Flipper valve...ain't no trace.

If I ever get some money,
I'm gonna hit them with a case.

Well, when my boiler 'sploded, it made my kitten jump.
Blew off all the ventpipes with an lightbulb-breaking thump.

Now I'm waiting for the smell to clear,
My Puppy, she done howl.

I'm waiting for this smell to clear,
My poor Puppy, she done howl.

Ever since that man come in here,
She won't shut up no way no how.

Now I'm dyin' and I'm chokin',
Don't look like I will last too long.

I'm dyin' and I'm chokin',
Oily smell done filled my lung.

When I'm dead maybe Jesus'
gon' be bought and hung.


Wigwam Jones said...

Eeek! I never done sung them blues, but they don't sound too good. I got them frozen burrito blues, but that's pretty much it.

Rainbow Heron said...

ROTFL! Sorry about the boiler, not sorry about the post. :-D

Did it done get fixed up yet?

BrideOfPorkins said...

Wiggy! The frozen burrito blues are a sad thing indeed. I hope they didn't lead to the indgestion blues.

RH: Yup, the same guy who said we should get the filter replaced (but didn't replace it) had to come and replace the filter and fix the exploded vent that night. If not for the smell, I would've been amused by that.