Friday, January 05, 2007

The strangest picture I have ever taken.

My subconscious must be really busy, because I don't know how this ended up on the floppies from my camera:

Mr. Blue Sky

It was on the same disk as this:

The feet, they are touching the ground.

Now, I had always said that the day The Puppy walked on her repaired leg, I would play Mr. Blue Sky by ELO at the highest volume my ears could stand, but really...usually when I'm taking pictures of the sky, something is happening in it, like weird cloud patterns or blimp fights. It was like part of my brain was working that day and said, "You know what would kick ass? A picture of a clear blue sky to represent how cool everything is right now."

I might have been aiming at a bird. Silly bird, getting out of frame before I'd focused.

I know of at least two members of the clan who would have rathered a less mobile puppy and more photos of juicy, juicy birds.

Oh, kittens!

No, I kid. They're very happy the hopping has ceased. There are few things more frightening than having someone three times your size hopping awkwardly in your direction. Except maybe choking, but that's another story for another time. As of this moment, nothing but blue skies do I see.

Oh kittens, I'll see you in bed. Sexy, sexy sandwich of love.

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