Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's the weekend....

And I've got nothing original to make you laugh, so I'll share with you some things off YouTube that made me laugh. Yeah, I know YouTube is so 2006, but I bet at least one of you has written a 6 instead of a 7...wherever you write down dates. Does anyone write dates down anymore? I do. I label my photo folders "2007-01," and so on.

The way I name my folders is not funny, but these are.

First off, there is this collection of David Caruso's lines right before the theme to CSI: Miami plays. I can tell you I will never hear Won't Get Fooled Again the same way ever again, and also that I laughed so hard I developed pains.

Battered Hat Productions has made a hilarious mockumentary called Guerilla Distribution, and from it is this secret audition tape from Shirley Major and John Spate's version of Lord of the Rings featuring Sir Ian McKellan. Go check out their other videos, because they're bloody great. I wish I lived in England so I could buy their video and also lurk creepily around them and absorb some of their glorious British humor.

Now, I am a girl, so I can post this answer song to the greatest video YouTube ever saw without it being all weird and creepy and sexist. Box in a Box may not be climbing the dance charts any time soon, but...oh hell, just watch it if you want.

Which brings me to the last video for this weekend. Tickle Me Emo brings back memories for me. You may not know it, but once, a long time ago, I fought in a Sith War alongside the greatest Porkinites who ever lived and died and lived again. I also abused punctuation horribly, but that's another story. Elmo, sweet Elmo. He sang a song of despair, and I threw rocks at him. I was so foolish in those days.


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