Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The end is nigh!'t be silly. *looks over shoulder*

Blogger has informed me that the time has come to move on with the rest of the world, and switch to new Blogger. So this may be the last you hear from me if I run into the demons I've seen a few others run into.

Especially considering Mercury's retrograde and that's never good for electronics. I've had a TV go all weird on me just this week--but I digress.

I see a few previous posts of mine didn't even go up until today, so that was brilliant. I guess new Blogger can't be much weirder than old Blogger.

The good news is I'll get that dropdown archive thing I wanted a while back. The worst news could be that I can never post here again. If that happens, I'll mention it on my webcomic's LiveJournal, probably with very small and nasty words.

Next post will tell if my account survived. I've got all this backed up...just in case.

*sniffle* I'll miss you.

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