Monday, February 12, 2007

When I Come Around.

Sirius, the dealer of my drug of choice, has announced the upcoming change of channel 75 to "Siriusly Sinatra," focusing mostly on Ol' Blue Eyes himself, who I've not heard on the radio for more than a few minutes since the demise of WPAT in 1996.

Which brings me to the other addition to the Sirius line-up I'm looking forward to. Channel 24 is going to feature '90s rock. I have no idea why I'm looking forward to this. Yes, it could be Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden--who have mostly gone from FM radio in New York--but it could also be Sponge and Candlebox, who are now probably going to remind me of times I'd rather not relive. That's what channel up and down on the remote is for, of course, but I'm really surprised at the way I'm suddenly fine with the idea of a '90s station, as long as it's rock.

I know the time of '80s flashback shows is most likely reaching its end. Aside from stations like First Wave on Sirius, many of the bands I grew up listening to aren't played on mainstream radio anyway, so I'm seeing this transition from the '80s to '90s and it almost isn't affecting me at all. I used to dread the day when the WPLJ's Saturday night '80s show flipped, because I remember the days when those five hours on Saturday were devoted entirely to '70s music. For a while they blended '70s and '80s, but by this time ten years ago, it was all '80s.

Our time is almost up. The cookies on TV are singing The Human League, Devo is selling Target, and it's only a matter of time before the adult diaper ads have Cyndi Lauper playing over scenes of the elderly acting happier than they ever were in their punk days, walking on a beach they probably would have protested the opening of due to the needles washing up on shore.

I'm a hopeless junkie to what's being fed through my ears, however, and I can't wait to hear loads of Frank Sinatra and Faith No More on Sirius come next week, because if there's one thing music needs, it's more fracturing of the recent genres and less variety in the oldies. I kid. I look forward to these station changes because maybe I can revisit the mid-'90s and figure out just where it all went wrong.

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