Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm not dead yet!

'salright, happens all the time.

No, I took the week off, I think. I took the time since my last post off from blogging, because I was creating things offline. Many buttons were made; such as those I claim to make in that spiffy corner banner up above. I somehow even made buttons that I didn't have, that is how incredibly productive my button making was.

Brainstorming for writing ideas is difficult when all I do is notice that the weather has turned seasonably cold, and that my brain hurts. It's been done before, and while I could probably make cold weather fascinating were it not the middle of winter, even I find it uninteresting that my eyeballs have frozen solid and there are icicles forming on my eyelashes.

I do not plan to switch to New Blogger in the near future. I'm saying that now in case I go away again and you get to thinking maybe I fell victim to whatever it is that's been eating unsuspecting bloggers lately. If I do change my mind, or if my blog is forced to get hep to the times or die, I will be sure to post at length on it beforehand.

I now return to my ruminations on the universe, and apologize for the 200 or so words that really just said, "Hi! Gosh, the weather's cold! I'm back, now. What's up with that new Blogger? Would you like a button? Snappea crisp? Tea?"

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Ari said...

It's not really THAT cold in Dallas compared to the feet of snow in lots of other parts of the country, but as for me, I'm feeling a little bit perpetually chilly and ready for some sun and spring.