Friday, February 02, 2007

Twenty Years Later.

Twenty years ago, I'd just come back from visiting family, and the latest craze in my mind was a MadLib done by a bunch of kids at lunch. I loved it so much that I risked the frown of my beloved Pa (beginning at the first plural noun) to read it out loud to Nan off my quickly-scrawled copy.

A few years back, I was entrusted with the original. I think it might be because only I would be loony enough to celebrate the anniversary of meeting a MadLib.

Ladies, gentlemen, creatures of all sizes...I give you The Monstrosity. I would say this might inappropriate for the kids...but it was done by kids.

The Monstrosity


xodiaq said...

Oh I do remember the Mad Libs, i do I do, as well as the insanity of "On the stairs Improv"…

Not to worry, I'll have the ox cart home by 11…

BrideOfPorkins said...


I...uh...want TAP SHOES! C'mere Pookie!

Man, every time I see that commercial with people using rolls of toilet paper as pillows on a bus...I bet Pee-Wee Herman doesn't even realize he should be getting royalties for that.