Saturday, April 28, 2007

Every Day Is Ninja Terminator Day

It's a shame Ninja Terminator was only a movie and not a TV series. I would have watched every episode. I probably would have taped them, too.

Watch the Ninja Terminator as he gets messed up messages from phones which are unplugged, prepares drunken crab, or the exciting conclusion. Then relive it all over again with the trailer!

I first saw these on Monkeys For Helping, one of my lifelines.


Ari said...

One never sounds tougher saying, "Go to hell!" than when one is stating it emphatically, yet stiffly, into a Garfield phone. And you would think a Ninja Terminator would have taught his wife better shellfish-fighting skills. Quite a gem you've found!

Ari said...

The only thing missing is Joel, Servo and Crow. :)

BrideOfPorkins said...

HAHA, true, I can't believe this one never made it to MST3K.

The Garfield phone just made that whole scene.

I guess Mrs. Terminator met up with the drunken master crab, those can be quite formidable.