Saturday, April 14, 2007

If He's A Demon, What Are His Parents?

John Goodman is going to be Pops Racer in the 2008 Wachowski Brothers big-screen adaptation of Speed Racer. His wife, Mrs. Racer, is going to be played by Susan Sarandon.

I can deal with this, I guess. I mean, slap a moustache and a hat on Goodman, it could work, as long as it doesn't turn into The Flintstones, Part 3.

The surprising news today was that Christina Ricci has been cast as Trixie. I'm kinda happy about that. Trixie's my girl, you know. Wednesday Addams was pretty neat...the two combined could very well be incredible.

I don't know Emile Hirsch, the guy playing my first BF Speed Racer, but I rather like him from the video on YouTube. He may need false eyelashes, but maybe they're not going that way.

YouTube also has an interview with Christina Ricci, and because I'm bringing you exclusive coverage of this movie straight from my brain, I'm including them here. The first two aren't funny wacky weekend videos, but they're short and give me hope for the movie. They also correct the way I've been saying Wachowski for the past eight years.

If it's wacky you want, the third video shows what would happen if Dustin Hoffman was cast as Racer X. I damn near lost my mind at 1:13.


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