Saturday, June 14, 2008

Suddenly, The Weather Got Hot

Nan can find some interesting movies. Last week's was Blind Beast with Mako, back when he had two names, as a blind guy who kidnaps a girl so he can feel real girl parts instead of the hundreds he's sculpted over the years. Then things get artistically wild.

We all sort of wanted to see Mr. Bean's Holiday, as we love that guy. Or maybe we just forgot the things he puts everyone through. If you like Mr. Bean, you will probably like this. I don't really want to give away the plot, because, well, you'd have to see it. But for the rest of the week, every time I picked up my video camera, I felt way artsy. Sure.

During the sudden insane 105° day, I got it into my head to back up my near-19,000 photos to my Flickr account. It was upsetting to know the "Taken on" date will be the date they're uploaded, but I'm backing up my pictures. So really, should I be quibbling about exactly when they were taken, as long as I'll have a backup someplace remote in case say, my house explodes? I think not. I did a month a day for a few days. I'm no where near finished.

But I did post the pictures of our beautiful little friends who moved in, and have since flown away. I loved this bunch. Clear skies, kids.

Baby Robins

I tried to use the auto-poster for the rest of what I admit to doing in a week so it wasn't a bombardment all at once, and I guess that makes this a shorter review. Because melting from the hot weather and uploading photos to Flickr really did seem to be all I did.

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