Friday, June 13, 2008

There Aren't Enough Special Characters to Encompass My Profanity.

So I will merely point you all to this story about my grocery store closing, and let you imagine my reaction to this.

They close in a month. July. Hottest time of the year. Not very easy to get home while unconcious from the other stores in the borough.

Billy, Sal, Debbie, Dolores, Frankie, they'll be missed. Murray Applebaum...he needs to be incapacitated and have no one to bring him milk and bread. Just for a week...per person who shopped at the store that only meant a check to him.

What's come as an even stranger shock is that the North East Bronx Association president Vinny Prezioso (he's named in the article I linked to) once had me transfer his 16mm movie film to video. I think I've told that story before, though. Suffice to say I do believe the man is out to get me.

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