Friday, June 27, 2008

The Things I'm Exposed To.

I'm not sure why CNN Headline News was on our TV today. I didn't put it on. You know if I've gotten to the television first if '80s music videos, game shows, British comedy or Japanese movies are on. I get my news from the Internet, pretty much always have when you consider I was 16 when I first logged on. So I have little to no use for television news.

I leave the room one minute, and Bill Gates dies.

Bill Gates is not dead.

But I come back downstairs, all ready to take my little furry men for their daily constitutional, and mum tells me Bill Gates is dead. My response--because I can talk today, but that's another story for another post--is, "The Bill Gates?"

Yes, she told me, it was on the news. Maybe not, after all.

Shaken, and feeling like I'd probably be the only person I know who feels bad about this, I fired up Windows and checked Fark. Because, you know, I figured they'd know for sure. Nothing.

Because Bill Gates didn't die. Bill Gates stepped down as chairman of Microsoft today. BIG DIFFERENCE.

CNN Headline News, meanwhile, cut to Nelson Mandela's birthday party too late to hear everyone singing Happy Birthday to him, but they would have talked through it anyway, and then the anchors fixated on the state of Amy Winehouse's lungs when they spotted her hair next to Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela and Amy Winehouse were on screen together, and hell, even I hope Amy Winehouse gets it together and goes on to win a grammy when she's in her 70s, but...Nelson Mandela. It's his birthday. The anchors then talked about what 46664 stood for, and one said it was his prisoner number about two minutes before the other anchor did, and it was so unscripted it was like being in a room with like, normal people. I don't wanna hear that kinda going on after they've just killed Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is not dead. Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela!

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