Tuesday, September 08, 2009

No Juju In Skyflower, Only House For Bugs.

Rose of Sharon bloom

One of my favorite movies is Medicine Man. Maybe because I respect ants. Which is why it's always difficult for me to wipe out the colonies eating my house. Sometimes I weigh who I would rather lose the house to, and ants always come up as the ones who love the house as much as I do.

When we moved here my father pulled out all the Rose of Sharon (along with every other small plant). They were buggy, he said.

The Rose of Sharon came back to me. Pink, white, lilac, every combination, they line the fences and they'd grow to the sky if I let them, but I prune them in winter because I need to see if a raccoon is trying stop in for...whatever it is they do. Hummingbirds and butterflies visit to check out the flowers, and the ants who still live outside of the house--because ants are hardy bastards--stand on the petals looking awesome.

I like ants. Monty Python devoted an entire episode to them once.

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