Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, A Pirate's Challenge For Ye!

Ahoy mateys! The 100 Word Stories' weekly challenge were overtaken by pirates!

The theme were Pirates!

Pirates were all about, and a bit o' the themes chose by shanty maker Guy David and yours truly.

It be a hard life for Capn' Swallow since the international shanty composers began demandin' royalties. He near lost his ship after we were caught playin' Barnacles, Me Hearties without askin'. Askin’ Two-Legged Davy if ye can sing his songs t’ain’t a wise move if ye hope to live another day.

I understand why the captain had to run me through five times afore setting me out to sea. There be sharks circling me leaky dingy lookin’ friendlier than the last face I saw. No matter, I got me parrot, a bottle o'grog, and me harmonica. I'll survive. Probably.

The whole crew be assembled 'ere, and if ye've ne'er listened to the podcast, what be wrong with ye? now's the time! AVAST!

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