Wednesday, September 09, 2009

To The Nines

Today is September 9, 2009. Which doesn't look interesting at all until it goes all 09/09/09 and then if you throw in 09:09:09 for good measure it becomes an explosion of awesome so crazy I start acting twelve again.

Here are nine things I want to remember from today:

1. I pulled two Runes and they just happened to be Isa and Gebo. Why am I talking about this? LOOK AT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE:

I don't question why my Runes can count in Roman numerals.

2. I got to hear just about every Beatles song ever on WFUV, including remakes by other artists and solo projects.

3. I spent the day with people and furry things I love.

4. I blipped two songs for the day. Revolution #9 by The Beatles because I like to scare people first thing in the morning, and Beethoven's 9th Symphony because I can't believe I remembered it.

5. I got to enjoy some things on television. So You Think You Can Dance is back already, President Obama kicks ass, and Melanie Oudin made this year's U.S. Open interesting.

6. I took a picture of my watch at 9:09:09PM because I'm still that hardcore.

The time is now lots of nines.

7. I gave a plant a new home and made a crack about Léon: The Professional that was totally understood.

8. I got to walk around in lovely freakin' weather.

9. I got to see the moon poking through the clouds as it hit 9:09 in the Pacific time zone.

September 9 moon.

It was a good day.

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