Saturday, September 12, 2009

Songs of My Misspent Youth: Bumble Boogie

I was the sort of kid who would have my mother phone in requests to radio stations. Both times the songs I requested weren't played so I learned that didn't work quickly. After the Internet came along I actually did get a few requests played, but that's another story for another time...and I have to check if the restraining order allows me to talk about it. (I kid...possibly.)

For some reason I once got it into my head that Bumble Boogie by Jools Holland and His Millionaires just hadn't been on WDRE enough in the two years since they'd changed call letters. I can't say they never came through on the request because the song was one of the legendary Screamers of the Week, so I only had to wait another two years until the special Thanksgiving Shreeek-End, where (almost) all the Screamers and Shreeeks of the Week to date were played.

I taped the Shreeek-End, you know. It ran for three days straight, so I set my alarm for every 43 minutes so I could get up and flip or change the tape during the hours when everyone else with less obsessive tendencies slept. I had to go out to the basement, because that radio had the best reception and was less likely to get interference from people moving around. Zorro my cuz-dog thought it was great that I was spending so much time with him and he was the first to get an earful about how great this version of Bumble Boogie was when I finally heard it again. He slept in the basement when he visited us because he and Pookie didn't agree on some things. Like, seeing each other. *sigh* Men.

I could never play the piano like Jools Holland. That used to hurt, but being able to listen to him play makes it all better.

(Waiting around 6 years to tape a song off the radio was the equivalent of something only being 99.2% seeded, kids.)


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