Thursday, May 19, 2005

I got your midnight premiere of Star Wars right here.

I just witnessed something glorious.

Oh, and here's a big spoiler:


This is what automotive touch-up paint does to you. Learn from me.



Matto the Hun said...

Is that a pepper corn ham pop tart they are fighting over?

Mentally Challenged said...

I was going to skip sleeping and stay up for the premiere. But you went and spoiled with with the spoiler.

Thank you for not using a big spoiler on your secret Enigma mission. It was just the right touch, enough to prove you knew
what movie was talked about,
but so brilliantly clothed in "secret code"
as to cause confusion for non code breaker types.

I have sort of figured out where I am going with that movie room in the asylum,(one level up through view my complete profile). If you want to know how the movie game is played in the secret asylum room you were in, then some time check out "Secret MOVIE Bulletin #1"

"The Devil's Bitch"? Boy that's a wild crowd you hang out with. Tell
her to see if she can solve some riddles in the movie room.

I will, however, make sure I have King my wonder dog with me if she comes. King protects me.

Wigwam Jones said...

Your Jedi mind-tricks don't fool me. That's not a pop-tart, that's carbomite.