Monday, May 09, 2005

With a noise like a hundred thousand people saying "whop," I suddenly seemed to create myself out of nothing in the air. Again.

I generally don't do intro posts, I merely appear, stay a while, and then leave. This is a recurring theme in my life, offline as well as online. I have four blogs on blogger, three of which I'll never return to, so I'm starting over again here. With an intro post. Daring, yeah?

The names Bride of Porkins and Sister Pepper Spray of Looking at All Sides of the Question seem to be what I am now. I mean, if Dracula can have brides, so can Porkins. He just happens to blow stuff up when he flys around. I also got a Universal Unitarian Jihad name a while back and I'll be damned if it didn't make sense to me. Sadly, most of what I write makes sense to only me.

The things I do to be able to comment....

Because blogger still hasn't ripped off LJ's "current music" feature, I'm going to write in what I'm listening to because I'm that weird about music. Overkill-Men At Work. Yay for old-ass '80s music!



Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Bride of Porkins...You sound crazy!! What's your real name ?
I appreciate you choice of words for expressing yourself. I also have a blog named "investment guru". url is ""
Its a platform addressing investing issues.
I am Rajesh from India.
Watching for your next post on the blog.. Bye for now

Wigwam Jones said...

"Gosh!" and other strong exclamations. This is fun! You make me laugh, belly belly good.

Wigwam Jones said...

Need more now. Please to continue.

BrideOfPorkins said...

Wow, people! Glad you liked the first post, I hope I can top it with the second. I do like to make people laugh, but sometimes I try too hard and they start crying and running away. I'm working on that.

Wigwam Jones said...

That's the BEST, when they cry and run away. The zen of good writing to make people wring their hands in despair. When you truly reach the pinnacle, they wish they had never read a word you wrote, and when you touch eternity, they burn all your books and pass laws against quoting you in public. That's MY goal, anyway.