Friday, May 13, 2005

I lived!

Rite-Aid has restocked with the correct pills and I am cured. I have never been so happy to take drugs. Then again, the happiness could be caused by the allergy pill, because it does make me really, really, really happy for a few days, then...I won't go there, because today, I am too happy!

I converted a PAL DVD to NTSC, and it actually works (oh, happiness)! I had never converted from PAL to NTSC before, mainly because I never needed to, but it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Unless I have no fear because the allergy pill also cures poltroon (I have now used the word three times in one hour, and I don't know why...something in the back of my mind just makes me want to).

But back to the DVD, the movie is Cypher, a two-year-old, obscure sci-fi film from England starring Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu that must be so great, it was too good to be released here, the country that gave the film world Return to 'Salem's Lot. I hope that when I finally watch Cypher, it was worth all the work. Even if it's bad, I'll probably enjoy it because I really like Jeremy Northam.

I used to go into newgroups and message boards and pretend to not be a girl. I don't I think I was very convincing, and the squealing about actors, cats and dogs may have something to do with it.

Living on the Ceiling by Blancmange is playing on my computer, and I'm happy!


xodiaq said...

There was something very "cartoon narration" about that. The middle part especially. Like that squigglevision® animation that they do on Commodore Amigas…

Wigwam Jones said...

May I recommend "Hardware." 1990, stars a very young Dylan McDermott. Cameos by Iggy Pop and Lemmy (Motorhead). Music by Ministry, PiL, and so on. Not long on plot, but the imagery is incredible, some of the lines are extremely funny, and the damned robot is scary too. Post-apocalyptic done right, in exactly the way that the first Max Max movie wasn't.

You have to love a movie with Iggy Pop and Lemmy in it. How often are you going to see that?

Available on DVD but no longer stocked, you have to search for it used. Worth the effort, IMHO.

Hey, for the ladies - you get to see Dylan McDermott's bare butt and he's wearing a prosthetic forearm/hand thing. How cool is that?

BrideOfPorkins said...


...I remember Dr. Katz!

I caught "Hardware" on tv one night and watched as much of it as I could at the time, which wasn't enough. Someday, that movie will come back my way, and I will see Lemmy, Iggy Pop and Bill Hootkins as the peeping tom. I heard he plays the part very well, and you're right, any movie with that kind of cast and that kind of music has to be great. I *heart* Ministry in all its phases.