Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I will elaborate when it becomes funny. *sniffle*

American Idol kicked off the Russian kid that I liked. Now I have to like the hippie guy. Or maybe I shouldn't like him, that way he'll have a chance. Because it really comes down to the universe finding out what I like and taking that away, don't you know. Fat Frog ice cream pops, for instance. Alternative Rock radio in New York, non-psuedoephedrine allergy medication, Steinwurtzel pants, all gone. Maybe radio plays a Green Day song here and there, but that hardly makes up for the rest.

There are commercials playing on my radio. So sad.



Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Man, I really need to start watching that show. I am SO out of the loop!


Wigwam Jones said...

I've been not watching American Idol for as long as I can remember. But it is big news in Norf Carolina, since that one fella nearly won and has all kinds of records out now (whoops, we call them CD's now) and he's got seriously permanent bad hair day and then a lady won and she is also from Norf Carolina, I think she is named after a character in a Disney movie or somefing.

So, I get all the recap from American Idol every morning on the TV news here in Wilson. It's almost as if I were watching.

But then the national news comes on just as I'm getting ready to go in and jump around in the rain room, and they always lead off with Prince Harry's fist of doom and then who got kicked off Survivor and by the way, somebody chucked a hand grenade at President Bush yesterday in Georgia. That's Georgia, Russia - HAH! Had you all fooled. Then they go to commercial and I take my shower and go to work.

I'm sorry about your radio station becoming crap. Mrs. Wiggy is from NYC, she grew up near Stoney Brook and went to Fordham and lived in Queens and worked in Manhattan for like 20 years. She ran away to London when she was like sixteen to see a Moody Blues show - in fact, she is friends with all of them - kinda weird for me. But she likes this classical station in NYC and we were getting it on streaming 'net feed and I had rigged some geeky thing up so she could hear it through the stereo in our living room, but they quit doing the feed, so she was sad.

But we have a corporate station called 'The River' and it is prolly nationwide and I grit my teeth and have to admit - I like their playlist. They finally got *my* wacked-out demographic nailed, damn their eyes. Listening to "Rapture" by Blondie on the way to work today, followed by "Boys Don't Cry" by The Cure. Something not quite right there, but I'll examine that later.

Now I have to get a horrible sweet thing from a vending machine and write Perl code. The pressure of life adds weight to the body, I think. Take care and here's to finding a good radio station for you. I raise my symbolic Guinness in your general direction - north, I think.

xodiaq said...

Bo is gonna win Idol. I don't watch the show, my wife does, but I say it here and now, Bogart Bice will be your American Idol, and when he wins Steven Tyler from Aerosmith will come out and they'll swordfight with mic stands.

BrideOfPorkins said...

AMG, save yourself! It's only two more weeks, don't get hooked now!

Wiggy, I like the sound of your River station, I just can't find any place on the dial here that plays Blondie and then The Cure. Is that classical radio station WQXR? I've turned to them many a time, but I shouldn't mention it because then they might have to stop broadcasting all together. Fordham's station isn't bad either, I listen to them most of the night, although on the weekends I'll wake up to people speaking Gaelic right in my ear, and that can be scary if you're not expecting it.

Hey, I went to Fordham! But only for two years, then I made a career choice that had me working with people who only knew one Moody Blues song. I was a young fool. Tell Mrs. Wiggy to say hi to the guys for me.

xodiaq...I know. I won't mind so much if Bo wins, but I could've saved *tries to count the hours, loses track* a whole lot of time if I'd had the willpower to walk away after the shows with the bad auditions. Next year.