Sunday, September 18, 2005

If ever I would leave you....

You know, I've had computers for a long time. 24 years, I think. First, it was an Atari 400, then a 130XE, then I got into the IBM-PC compatibles and it was really over. The Atari 400 was good for games like Congo Bongo, learning things like States & Capitals, and programming things like a square-headed guy walking halfway across the screen before hitting an error on line 200 which turned the guy's head into a triangle. The 130XE, however, had a disk drive attached, so I could save the crap I'd programmed and written, and Epyx's Summer Games kept me occupied for months on end.

Then one day in 1986, I was on line in Rite-Aid, which was called Drug Palace at the time--but that's a post in itself--and sort of almost blacked out. I just sort of...greened out. Had to leave and sit down. Was it all the hours spent sitting in front of the Atari? I don't know. But this past year, since I've been doing everything at the computer--photo retouching (I do that), the comic strip, writing--I've been not at all well. I have, in fact, just last week, gone past greening out and hit the floor. I was standing at the time, trying to put a parental lock on Fox News.

Living in the wild frontier of The Bronx, I have to do my own doctorin', so I'm not 100% sure it is the computer. I could be developing the heart condition that killed my father and his mother, or I could have the diabetes that his father had. (Thanks...daddy.) Then again, many women on my mother's side of the family have just passed the hell out at inopportune times for no definite medical reason at all, so maybe I got off lucky with the genes. I go on Google and look up a bunch of vitamins and herbs from time to time, but when I take most of those, I don't sleep. Not sleeping tends to make me loopy, so it's sort of a circle of crazy.

Anyway, I thought to myself, let's find out if it is the computer...go offline for a few days.

Okay, I can't go offline today, because I have a strip to do.
I can't go offline Monday, because Arrested Development returns, and I watch TV on my computer...because I'm a geek,
I can't go offline Tuesday, because I'll have another strip to do.
I can't go offline Wednesday, because...well, I'm not sure, but I'll figure out some excuse.
Thursday, another strip.
Friday is Sci-Fi Friday. Can't miss the season finale of Battlestar Galactica now that I've seen one episode.
Saturday, know, I also have my Dish receiver radio stations playing through the PCTV, so...I need the computer on to broadcast my satellite radio to me in the yard. That's my excuse for Wednesday, too.
Rinse and repeat.

If I went offline, things would pile up. Most of all, I'd get no writing done. Writing on paper with a pen is not an option, because that's too involved. First, I need to find the right pen. Then, I need to write clearly, because I won't know what the hell I wrote after maybe three minutes. I also get a sort of writer's cramp. Also, writing on paper is useless to me because if I'm going to have to type something into the computer Frank Sinatra, I'd rather do it in one take. Unlike Frank Sinatra, I'm not all cool and in the position to make weird stipulations like "I only write first drafts," because my first drafts suck.

So. That's what I wake up thinking most every morning. See you tomorrow.

(btw, today I had the added horror of having the music from Shall We Dance? burned into my head. I'm not so positive about the non-Japanese version of that movie.)

("I have a strip to do," just looks way dirty.)



xodiaq said...

AAAAAAhhhh! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!
OMG you can watch it now too!
Battlestar Galactica is seriously worse than heroin right now, Im beyond addicted! All my free time is completely wrapped up in sitting in front of my computer doing banners, and now our new thing is we actually started doing spoof ads for a fictitious GTV tv network, and I completely lost it...

I'm xodiaq there, too... and theres more in banners and avatars off the main forum, too. Oh! You need to see if netflix has season 1 on DVD to rent! And this morning! Its a season 1 marathon on SciFi! 6 Episodes!

Um. Yeah. So, clearly I don't get away from the computer much, either...

As for passing out, how much caffiene are you taking in? I used to be immune to the stuff, but ever since my car accident in January, I just cant seem to have more than 4 or 5 cups without getting fuzzy-pass-out-tingly... Also, you were standing up, its IS possible you locked your knees, that can make you pass out in less than 90 seconds...

BrideOfPorkins said...

LOL, hey but at least after all those hours, your banners are great. And it's almost like you're getting free advertising, banner design will never get old.

I had posted on your blog that Beyond the Stars was hilarious, and the Cylon walking into the wall avatar is a pisser, too.

I only have two cups of coffee all day, man. Take those away, I get much less fun. I went off coffee in January, for the whole gastric disturbance thing, and the only difference was that I got a headache from withdrawl or from having to drink flavored tea. I'll try to keep track of my knees if it starts to happen again, it'd be nice if that's what it is. Personally, I think the cats are slipping catnip into my coffee just to see if I'll climb the scratching post again. Those crazy guys.

....the marathon was on today? Oh f...rakelling hell. Dammit. Yay for Sci-Fi repeating stuff, though...I hope.