Monday, September 26, 2005

Must be Monday.

This top news story today brought to you by Fark: Having solved all other problems, Suicide Girls among first victims of the FBI's "war on porn" (NSFW)

The first I'd read of Suicide Girls was back when RStevens of Diesel Sweeties wanted to be one, and so I'm familiar with the premise that girls are interesting to some people. That's fine, you know, people should make friends, never mind if they're dressed funny. As for the site treating their models badly, okay, that's one reason to pick on them, but they're not being censored for that, it's that they're showing boobies to paying members.

What's next? Google Images?

Have we not learned our lesson from Zardoz? If more people were wanking, there would be less hostility. Although I do advocate the destruction of the 79¢ vibrators. That's just...not a good paint job at all.

To sum up the day, the agents of KAOS are winning...and now even Maxwell Smart can't save us. Oh Max...RIP. Go, go, gadget hearse.


Rainbow Heron said...

I don't know which is creepier: Monday, Suicide Girls, the FBI, Zardoz, or the 79 cent vibrators.

Thankfully I only have experience with Mondays.

BrideOfPorkins said...

HAHAHA! Mondays are all anyone should see on a Monday. Saturday nights want their stuff back from Monday.

xodiaq said...

Girls are hot, the governemnt isn't. It's jealously. The government is really hiding a freudian desire to be in goth fetish porn, and I think its obvious... just look at Abu Grhaib... the proof is in the pyramids...