Saturday, September 24, 2005

My commentary on the Battlestar Galactica finale.


When the hell does it come back?

You know...I have the feeling that when I hit the last episode of Firefly, I will be feeling even more pissed off, because--oh, wait, there's that movie coming out--but no! This is why I turned to designer and landscaping shows. There's no suspense, no attachment, no music that will make you realize halfway through your day that it's in your head...after Remington Steele ended up sucking so bad in the last seasons, I swore I would never open myself up to another television series again...I am such a fool.

And Michelle Forbes plays a good bitch. And a good medical examiner, but that's besides the point. No, it's not, Homicide: Life of the Streets hooked me and ended badly too. ARGH.

(This is not to say that Battlestar Galactica will end badly, however...Sci-Fi better not go and cancel the show before Adama gets his men and that cylon broad gets a couple more good meals.)


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xodiaq said...

Season three has been ordered, and since season 2 has 2 parts, summer and winter, we will still be reeling from the mental assault of RDM and his brilliant writing staff for at least one more year!

I love my Battlestar sooooo much, i do i do... my wife calls me a geek for it (mostly when "frak" escapes my mouth in regular conversation...") she LOVED "Valley of Darkness", and I couldn't get her back into it after that... oh well, her loss!