Saturday, July 05, 2008

Almost Lost My Head

Last Saturday we watched Be Kind, Rewind, because it seemed so hilarious in the commercials and Jack Black has become a favorite of ours. It was funny, for the most part, but the plotline about saving the building reminded me of my life a little too much and not in a *Batteries Not Included kind of way. Perhaps it was just the day.

I totally fell over and got my head wedged against the wall. What are the odds? It sucked in many ways because on my way down the little MSG-laden caramel things I was planning to eat went all over the (eh, hairy) floor and once my head dropped below chest level I lost my voice and so no one knew I was in any trouble until my arse was spotted. Didn't help that the only arm I had to get away from the offending wall is the shoulder that I somehow messed up back in April. The moral of the story is that if you find someone wedged against a wall, don't just assume they will get up if you tell them to, even if you tell them really really loud. Also, don't be surprised if said slab of meat and bones flips you the finger because really, attempting to move the wall with the sonic quality of your voice is just not helping.

The next night we saw The Other Boleyn Girl, which reminded me that people kinda suck. I don't know, that's what I generally take from history. Other people get romantic notions about England back in the day of beheadings, but damn, I have yet to see a period in history where people were not screwing each other over and resorting to grudge killing. I liked the movie as a movie, though. Natalie Portman's a favorite of mine, though. I've read...unfavorable reviews. I shouldn't, really.

Tuesday was depressing. It was the last time I paid for groceries in the first store we shopped in when we moved here. Yes, the building hasn't seen a remodel since those days, but dammit, when you're as insane as I am, you get attached to things like people who know you and the feeling that no matter what's going on around you, you can get a damned loaf of rye bread after 1PM within ten minutes. Of course because of the weather, I was on Sudafed knock-off and so any real emotion was completely deadened to the point where I just ran around like the Tazmanian Devil. But I say it was depressing as the guy who was working the deli counter was holding his cellphone with the plastic food service gloves on. I think I covered this.

Nan found a doozy of a movie called either The Favorite or Intimate Power, neither of which title really does the film justice. Cuff from The Bloodhound Gang is the would-be sultan of...where were they, anyway? Turkey, I think. I would say watch it just so you can experience the strange, rushed lives of a bunch of people who were not French or Turkish in any way. Ah, '80s movies.

I got it into my head to create 24 comic strips in one month. That means every weekday in July, I have to draw, scan, put together and otherwise create a comic strip. Which is I think what I already said. But I don't usually do that many. If I pull this off, I will be able to take some time off from strip-making in August. Or at least it will give me a lot of lead time for when I go insane from trying to make 24 strips in as many days.

Perhaps unrelated, I had the strangest allergic reaction in all the time I know me. I was sitting here minding my business, when all of a sudden my hands started itching. That's not really rare, nor is the progression of the itching to my arms. No, I've been itchy before, I've been itchy for about thirty years, but when my throat suddenly closed up as if I'd been using Capsasin-P for toothpaste (I had not), that sorta weirded me out a bit. The wheezy nastiness in my chest that followed was entirely new. I've added the feeling to my list of ways I wouldn't like to die.

On the fourth, I stayed indoors. Many of the neighbors were setting off small explosives and it's best if I stay out of the way when they do that. So instead of maybe catching up on replies, I went and played with Twitter. I am now officially a twit. Somewhere along the sidebar is the Twidget, and anyone wanting to follow the moment-to-moment dullness that is me can find me at

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