Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Comics That Inspired Me: Cat And Girl

Yes, Peanuts and Mutts are two comic strips that started me down the path that is the hobby I enjoy the most, but it wasn't until I started reading webcomics did I realize I had "people."

It's pretty obvious that I was drawn to Cat and Girl because hey, it's a cat, and a girl! There's a vampire in there, too. Also they're hilarious and brililant and drawn great, and I seriously considered cutting my strip to once a week if I could make it half as fantastic as these, but why I'm linking to this particular strip is because the punchline sums up my life.

Obligations from Cat and Girl by Dorothy Gambrell.



Wigwam Jones said...

Bob the Angry Flower, SpaceMoose, and Sluggy Freelance were my online comics of choice once upon a time. Good times, good times.

Ari said...

I prefer Strong Bad.

BrideOfPorkins said...

Aye, Wiggy, those are favorites of mine too. Loather.net has a rather grumpy flower, but there's only one Bob.

Ari, I also love the masked one. I got the biggest thrill finding out I could click stuff at the end. Then I realized I'd probably missed years of good hidden stuff.