Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Have Said Fluffernutters And Movies Are Life.

I seem to have completely shifted this review of what I've actually accomplished in a week down to what movies we've watched. In the end, I have the feeling that will be more conversation-worthy.

For instance, if someone asks me what's new with me, and I say I almost drove into another car because the sunlight flickering off my windshield caused me to become what they call in medical terms, "weird," that's not going to end as well as me saying I saw a movie I thought was great. Unless of course I'm dealing with some of the people I know who don't watch movies, and then I'm left with mentioning that I bought Round-Up to burn the grass out of the driveway. Also not worth blogging about unless I was telling a story from the viewpoint of one of those blades of grass, who did nothing to deserve such a hideous fate except come into being in the wrong place and time. Much like me. Except I don't even need chemicals to wilt in the sun.

On that cheery note, 27 Dresses was actually way better than I expected it to be. I liked the cast, though, so that could have helped. Nan has loved Katherine Heigl from the time she saw her in Love Comes Softly, so that was a main reason we even sat down to watch this one. Luckily in this movie no one gets a horse dropped on them, and it either wasn't too sappy for me or I'm getting old. If you liked While You Were Sleeping, you will like this.

The next night we watched The Mist. We're Stephen King fiends, so of course we watched it, come on. Don't watch it right before you go to bed because it will shake you up. The final horror of it is not the scary monsters, either. Also, Lisa Gerrard, please stop cutting my heart out, you siren, you.

One of Nan's late night finds was Angel's Dance, it's one of those wacky dark comedies that I grew up on. Jim Belushi is teaching a guy to be a hitman, and Sheryl Lee from Twin Peaks starts out as the kookiest mortician and I won't say what she turns into, but just watching her set up the wall of photos of bodies she'd made up cracked me up. I need to watch Twin Peaks again.

Due to the asinine removal of our local grocery store, we have to get bread from a bodega that Mum swears doesn't carry rye bread because, "It's Jewish and the owners are Middle Eastern." I'm not sure about that, but while we wait for the replacement store across the street to open its doors, I switched from rye bread to Wonder Whole Wheat. It's a momentous occasion, you know. I've been eating rye bread and peanut butter first thing in the morning nearly every day for 12 years. Now I'm eating some sort of whole-wheat-made-out-of-white-bread, and I like it. What is wrong with me? I caved, I rolled over, I shifted loyalties. Meh, never was crazy about caraway seeds anyway. (I'm aware rye bread comes without seeds, but my aunt and I are the only ones who like it that don't get that.)

This week I also shredded three bagloads of old invoices and statements, thereby falling behind in my goal to complete 24 comic strips in one month by a day, and I think I cut my hair. That might have been last week, however.

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