Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Little Things That Make Me Happy

I swear I am so dull that discovering the insert key can be prevented from going into overstrike mode not only made my day, but my month. So far. Time will tell if it will be the greatest event of the year. Raising the head of my bed to prevent hernia nastiness might beat it, although I shouldn't have needed to do that. Then again, if my fingers were more accurate, I also wouldn't need to disable a key I ought not to be hitting anyway. I would also not need to plug in the headphones when I play music. Ah well.

How to disable the Insert Key in Windows

There are tips on how to disable the disabling as well, not that I see any reason to ever go back to making it even easier to mangle my writing.


Ari said...

Wow! Great tip! I hate that insert key malarkey too!

BrideOfPorkins said...

We shall rid the world of overstrike mishaps together!

The neat thing is on my laptop it doesn't interfere with the double use as the print screen key, I was happy to find that out, too.