Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Must Share The Horror

I made the picture as small as possible, but you can click it and make it bigger if you like to freak the hell out that things in pictures are coming through the screen to get you like I do.

I apologize for this, I really do.

But this latest catch of Domo-Kun the sunscreen, it was the largest thing since that bird. We'd just come home from gathering food and it's customary to dump certain things on the table between the house and the basement, while we figure out where to store the teabags. I was carting the bag of cat food into the house when I heard Mum say, "Look at that thing," and Nan agreed in the similar tone of someone witnessing something existing that should not be. I wasn't at all well, having injured the arch of my foot jamming on the brake after I zoned out and nearly ran a red light. So I stepped back outside not really interested in what I was going to see.

And then I saw it.

I've seen hornets before, yellowjackets are regular occurances, and the occasional large beetle buzzing along the roof of Domo-Kun hardly makes me blink anymore. But there was this great big three-inch long vespid instrument of fear trying to figure out how to escape the same sunscreen I too happened to be trying to get the hell out of as quickly as possible.

Of course I ran for the camera. Having the camera in between me and something that has a face and is looking at me sort of makes it all better...almost. Taking the pictures, though, I realized this mutant only wanted to get back out to its life.

So I unzipped the far panel of the sunscreen and guided the hornet out with a rake. I hope it remembers and calls off the invasion because we're mostly nice blokes.

In apology to you, dear reader, Natalie Dee's Megabee is way cuter to look at and explains how something like this ended up in my sunscreen.


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Ari said...

LOL! Megabee! I was weedeating yesterday around my crepe myrtle and suddenly realized my face was 5 inches from about 6 or 7 bees. I cannot fathom how I didn't end up stung. I did weedeat my big toe a bit though, so I guess that counts for something.