Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Sights And Sounds Of Strange Worlds

Last weekend we decided to watch a mini-series I'd taped nearly a year ago called The Gathering. This would be the one with Peter Gallagher, not the one with Ioan Gruffudd. No, the gathering in this one is much more active. So active, that the entire borough of Manhattan is taken over by them, and Meadow Sorprano teaches Runes to children of affluent voodoo doers and even after three hours of witchery, Peter Gallagher just can't believe what's going on. Neither could I...neither could I. The entire end was full of lightning, so I have no idea what happened, but there was lots of yelling, then they all ate onion rings bird feathers and it just ended.

Because Nan loves Jack Black (yeah, okay, so do I), we checked out Nacho Libre. We'd never seen it before, and we haven't laughed so much in a while. At least until the next night when we watched Baby Monitor: Sound of Fear, not to be confused with the Baby Cart series. Thinking about it now, I seemed to be the only one laughing at that one. I'm assured it was actually scary. I made a neat little origami crane out of a napkin when I ran out of commentary.

The finale of So You Think You Can Dance was this week, and I will miss those kids terribly. If you haven't seen this season, this and this and this will give you an idea why that show just makes me happy. Which is possibly why I got silly and wrote several in-depth soul-searching Twitter tweets that starrted with the realization that I'm still the Miss Bates of my own personal Jane Austen tale. UPON MY HONOR!

And then the Olympics began. Yes, oppressive governments suck, but what other time do I get to see badminton and table tennis on TV? I'm watching it as I'm writing this. My inner Asian wants me to point out that I used to kick ass at table tennis. Mainly my own ass, but believe me, if I could beat me, I was GOOD.

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Ari said...

Nacho Libre is full of win. I am having the same trouble watching the Olympics.... "Oh, Tianenmen Square... the last time I saw that on TV was... shit."