Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm Unqualified To Judge But The Music Is Pretty, and Jackie Chan Is Involved.

I'm not going to jump on a very high soap box* about the summer Olympics starting in Beijing...a few hours ago in real time, but in my future. You know, it freaks me out that half the world gets the future before us. I mean, it's hardly a consolation that I get 4PM before Alaska, because they've got nicer weather. But I digress*.

There's never been an Olympics that didn't have some controversial preparations or teams or judges or my lifetime anyway*, but that's not what these things are supposed to be about, they're about fair play and laying down arms and shiny happy people holding hands...oh sod it, we're twenty steps away from being China so while I'm not buying any pins this time around* and I will continue to glare disapprovingly at the TV*, I fully expect Jacques Rogge to end with the customary best games ever twaddle and that'll be that. Onto the next one. I'm so jaded*. (Don't buy blood jade from the Burmese mines, kids.)

The point of this post was really to show you what did with the Official 2008 Olympics Theme: Please Ignore The Communism. The half of me that finds stuff like this funny thought it was hilarious. Plus it's got Jackie Chan!

*The punchline to practically everything I said here could be, "Because I'm getting old."

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Ari said...

I have officially passed that to everyone I know now. :)