Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Think I'm Getting Tired Of Movies.

Last weekend we ran out of new movies to check out and turned to that tape I put The Company on back, like, last year. I took to calling it Brotherhood of the Spying Pants. There was a Russian ballerina spy named Rainbow, though, and that was one reason I stayed awake for the first part, because Russian ballerina spies named Rainbow ought to be in more movies. But then I think I was asleep when it ended because the next thing I knew we were watching an episode of Lilo & Stitch where Stitch meets...a snot vampire.

The next night we watched the rest of The Company, and I started to suspect the Burger King Ketchup & Fries chips Mum had us eating were laced with some sort of loopy seasoning, because I fell asleep again halfway through part two. It's not that the movie was boring or anything, as a matter of fact I woke up to the sound of the characters all yelling at each other, because they too were trying to figure out what the story was about. Apparently in The Company, every wonky thing that has gone bad in history is the fault of a rowing team from Yale. Michael Keaton (Batman) plays the chain-smoking head of the CIA and while I was concious, I alternated between X-Files references and Night Shift cracks like, "This is Chuck to remind Bill to shut up," every time a tape recorder was on screen. That's a sign I've stayed up past my bedtime if there ever was one. Chris O'Donnell (Robin) was also in it, and dude, Batman and Robin were in the same movie! Something was totally in those chips.

See, there are these bags of stuff that we somehow end up eating on the weekends, that seem to just appear mysteriously despite no one wanting any of it. I eat them to be part of the team, and that team is a team whose blood pressure does weird things when they eat things that are high in sodium. Not really funny unless you witness the slow reluctance with which I have these things. Chex Mix with cheddar? Uh...I shouldn't...okay...some...a little...I don't care...whatever. Burger King Fries with MSG powder? Uh...oka--zzzzz. I used to drink alcohol, but under the same premise and it had the same results. Now when we watch movies I drink cranberry juice and spend the next morning wondering why my chest is burning.

The Olympics were on in the background of everything, and I can't help loving those swimming relays. Every time we're into sports, I always make up my mind to only watch sports from then on so I don't have to know what's going on the world, because sometimes the world is an uncertain pit of despondant gloom but damn if a bunch of swimmers being happy they did good doesn't make me forget that for a few minutes.

The only other thing I can think of to mention this week is that Flickr Uploadr was running way slow, and that's cramping by big backup project.

It also rained a lot, but the lawn needed it. I tried some Off! that was being passed around, and still managed to feed a small contingent of mosquitoes. I'm considering coating myself in the melted wax of a citronella candle.

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