Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tidy Oop

This week the Olympics ended and the U.S. Open started. I wanted to be a sports fan and not pay any attention to anything else. Then again, some of those five-set tennis matches can get pretty vicious and run pretty late.

In an attempt to make my online time more efficient, I tried Google Reader to cut the RSS reading time. I'm not sure if I like it yet because when I first imported my OPML file with its "1000+" feeds my computer melted down. Then I marked everything as read and went to Newsgator to catch up, then kept going back and forth and noticed it was taking twice as long to check my RSS feeds.

The movies were a bit sparse this week. We found a remake of The House Of Usher which is sort of a total retelling. Like, the characters are named Usher, and there is a house, but the thing I remembered from the original story was the big-ass crack in the house and maybe I blinked but there's more cracks in my house than the house in the movie. Another thing that made me giggle was as I'm sitting off to the side of the TV, wearing my headphones, writing, Roderick Usher is in the TV, wearing headphones, typing, and freaking out about sunlight. At least I can safely say I'm not hooking up with my sister. Although I could find a few uses for the bacta tank they kept in the basement.

Wednesday I busted out my pole pruner and took on the vine of doom that has yet to bring any nice boys named Jack or mutant geese my way, but apparently is a megabee doom juice filling station for megabees. I had a horoscope that told me to go take risks, but maybe standing in a cloud of mosquitoes waving an sharpened orange stick at something that delivers a sting that I read feels like a hot nail was a bit much. The yard looks pretty in that corner again, however.

Thursday was an electronic disaster, starting with the discovery that I had a wonky wire somewhere in my room and ending with discovering that I can't fix everything. Luckily Barack Obama starting talking and I forgot all my problems for an hour. I spent the rest of the night debating whether to mention that to the Internet, then realized I spend 60% of my blogging time talking about how stuff in my yard, and went for it.

Friday I cut back more of the vine. There is so much vine, I can't believe it's able to survive with the ounce of rain we got this summer. But it does, and so does the oak tree I totally didn't realize was wrapped in vines! I'm guessing my neighbor doesn't know that thing is growing there. At least I hope they didn't want it. Er....

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