Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Week We Got Out Of July.

I can't really remember much of what I did with my personal time this week but I think I spent a great deal of it sitting around thinking Ow and taking massive quantities of vitamin C. I once again discovered that drinking more than an ounce of fluid in a day is pretty neat. I forget that sometimes. As a kid, I used to have chugging contests with myself at the bathroom sink. I uh...would bet myself I couldn't drink four paper cups of water in twenty seconds. I lost a few times. I never let me live that down.

Faced with all the new movies we rented finally making it to cable, we had nothing to watch but Definitely, Maybe, by the people who brought you Love, Actually but not, if I'm correct, Girl, Interrupted. Totally different film. This one we saw was not actually as bad as I'd feared. I'm not much of a girl, you see, but that Abigail Breslin is a neat actress and music figured heavily into the soundtrack, and so I was able to latch onto something until it got to the point where I wanted to see what happened, because I like Isla Fisher and Rachel Weisz too--but OMG, Kevin Kline is in this movie! Why isn't he in more movies?

Then it started to rain and the satellite, along with Balls of Fury was knocked out. I love that damn movie.

Like I said, I spent much of the week in a self-imposed chugging contest deadline where I wanted to finish my August comic strips by the 31st. So I'd be a month ahead. The intent is that if I keep that sort of lead up, I will be able to not have to worry about making a comic during, say, NaNoWriMo '08. Because I so have a story in my head. Oh yeah, also holidays and other things that might need doing like vacumming and food gathering.

So other than catching the end of the 1979 remake of The Lady Vanishes, which gave me all sorts of warm fuzzy memories of 1980, I really don't remember much...that I want to get into.

It was five years since I ended another blog of mine, and the reasons for that don't merely get tucked into a review of the week. I'll go as melodramatic as possible and say my life ended the next day, but the foosh out of the ashes and all, five years later, I'm using MAPS to personally believe I can gather food from a new place, with new people, and the people that far from home don't know me, so it's good I didn't fall over, because that would have made the sale on Entemann's chocolate donuts a little less spectacular.

I came home to find a brand new Cat Face episode, and later that night something exploded in the sky over my head. I suspect it was just a rather large bit of Perseid. At least I hope so. It got quiet afterwards. Maybe because it was after midnight. Sure.


Rainbow Heron said...

I'm still convinced the makers of Love, Actually brought us the commercial Campbell's, Instead.

I think England was either going thru another "fad phase" regarding grammar this time...or they were in favor of ousting Dan, Rather.

I didn't know you had a crush! :-D

[gang gives DG/BOP a Crush]

So is he the orange, strawberry, or grape type?

BrideOfPorkins said...

Aye, I get that the titles are lines from the movie, but I'm waiting for the blockbuster, "Oh...****," which maybe already exists, but they can't advertise for it.

Aww, yay gang! [body surfs]

He is Jolly Rancher flavored, but after nearly 15 years it's not so much crush as a reason to want to have something to show for my life that makes one want to chain themselves to a post like me. Maybe that's too much work and I should just go with the creepy banana guy.