Monday, November 24, 2008

All I Need To Install Now Is A Brain Widget. logoFor Christmas of 1983, I was given my first boombox, and aside from my desklamp it was the only thing that really lasted of my presents. My radio, mine all mine, I listened to my Olivia Newton-John tapes and Return of the Jedi soundtrack until...well, until this Star Wars/Xanadu slash happened. And I hadn't even seen that Bob Hope special!

Then I was given a headset radio. This...well, I am a walking experiment for whether those things cause dain brammage because this started the glorious way of life known as having a soundtrack for everything. 21 years, give or take a few weeks, ten radio station format flips and 6 headsets later, I still use it for my FM transmitting of whatever's coming out of the 20-pound MP3 player on my desk (yes, they're legal...or out of print, but don't get me started on I'll Be Around by What Is This?) and I have a new drug.

Once I figured out how to use the radio player, Last.FM became a fun little land. I went so far doctoring up a desktop widget for Active Desktop and made my own widget for the Vista set up based on these instructions.

Finally my inner radio geek with an agenda can have Making Plans For Nigel go right into Duel Of The Fates and then Somebody Told Me into Xanadu and I don't have to change a tape or anything. YES, I WOULD BE DROOLING IF I COULD.

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