Sunday, November 02, 2008

Reach Out Touch--DRUMS! DRUMS!

Hey kids! It may shock the hell out of you to know an old bat like me not only knows who Hilary Duff is, I know the words to many of her songs. However, something has recently happened and I need to take it upon myself to point out to every one of you who may really love the beat of her new song Reach Out that it is sampled from a song that perhaps your parents made out to, or maybe you're already one of the cool kids and know your modern rock history (in that case I love you, but not in a creepy way, and I'm sorry I brought that image to mind about your parents).

Here is the video for Reach Out by Hilary Duff:

And here is the song the music was lifted from, Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode:

For what it's worth, I was awfully let down by that Depeche Mode video when it came out because I had a way better one in my head and it didn't involve slim women posing a lot. Especially after Enjoy The Silence (which you kids with the Coldplay love need to see too, but that's another story).

I know there are some Depeche Mode fans who will want to kill me for this, but I'm not at all threatened by Hilary Duff's decision to use that music. Being a fan of the mash-ups I've long felt that the beat of that song could make any other song better, and of course I'm now hoping to hear more Depeche Mode on mainstream radio as a result.

Depeche Mode. They're good.

I hear Johnny Cash was also pretty good. *ahem*

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