Friday, November 07, 2008

Enjoy The Coldplay

I did say the Coldplay tribute to Enjoy The Silence was another story, yes? Well hell, I'm desperate for stories, how about you?

In 1990, one of my mostest favorite bands ever, Depeche Mode, came out with an album called Violator. It's a really good album. The first video I was aware of from it was for Enjoy The Silence, which was a song I took very personally, to the point where some 18 years later when I couldn't talk, I enjoyed the hell out of that silence.

Exactly like Depeche Mode, Coldplay came along and made otherwise shite times worth living, so 18 years on when the band that has also become a favorite of mine released a song you may have heard called Viva La Vida, with a second video made as a tribute to Anton Corbijn's video for Enjoy The Silence...yeah.

That'll make you feel young again, eh?

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