Thursday, February 12, 2009


Life is strange.

Two weeks back, I was so frazzled that I decided to can the idea of making a weekly vlog and boom, just like that, I decided to put Groundhog Day to good use and give myself a break from that. Time gained.

Earlier in the week the weather was so lovely I finally got to put a load of those empty cardboard boxes I was lamenting throughout the vlogs in the recycling. Boom, just like that. Made me feel better and it looks better. Time well spent.

The Cat Who Made Me Love CatsToday marks 25 years since I found out we lost one of our cats. Not just any cat, mind you, wee Romeo pictured to the right was my childhood confidant and loverboy. He was born in 1968 to two rescued cats that my family originally thought were both girls, and in the '70s was rescued himself when there was a fire in our building and my Uncle Gene climbed the fire escape to sneak him and the other cats out, then in the '80s he became sort of a man about town when we moved here--but he always came home to me, even when there was a ball game going on up the street. He was a cat of quality, sweet and crazy, appreciative of flowers and moths, friendly to dogs and romancer of all other cats. He lived his nine lives to the fullest and I never thought I'd live twenty-five minutes without him much less a quarter of a century, but boom, just like that, I guess I did. Life is a bitch.

This coming weekend we're going to have a family get together/sleepover/movie night so tonight I was backing up files on my computer while I wasn't working. The weather's turned windy and disastrous but I was grateful nothing of ours was damaged. Every now and then I'd pop in to see how the backups were going, and boom, just like that, something was weird. Suddenly my computer gets hit with a downloader trojan from someplace, and I have no idea where, and no idea how it slipped past the anti-virus scanner. Was it always there and just picked Friday the 13th to go live? I'll never know. I know how to shut viruses down fast enough, but time suddenly got away from me. All my plans were being shot to hell. From the other room, Nan was telling me the news of a plane crash but my attention span had gone boom. People are dying in fires and without power and many things in the world are horrendous, but me...I'm just flipping out over m'stuff. It makes me feel narrow minded.

Looks like the as yet un-backed-up photos and writing are safe, but my post, as well as my computer and tomorrow's plans, done got hijacked. "Boom," was a running joke from back in the days of "Hey, let's see what happens if I delete this DLL," but it summed up the last minutes of this weird Thursday the 12th pretty well.

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