Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have No Idea How I Feel About This

I know, I could have called my entire blog, "I have no idea how I feel about this," but today Adolfo Carrión Jr. was picked to be the director of Urban Policy for like, the entire country. He is currently President of the Bronx, which is why I'm even searching my feelings on this and finding that I'm totally unsure how I feel about this because I'm not sure what he's done for us.

Yankee Stadium 2.0 was a waste of money and the original one is still not a park, urban gays are still going to be as screwed as the teenagers who are only being taught abstinence, the water filtration plant we're being over billed for is already outdated and neighborhoods have no grocery stores but robberies are up. I had no idea cell phones were edible, BTW. I'm guessing the kids going around holding people up didn't really support the economy when they got those guns, either, because there aren't any jobs to pay them what a proper gun license costs. Seriously, there's only so far you can go on the good feeling of volunteering to help others for free, and then its gets cold and the heat has to be rationed and it's all just so stupid I have no idea how to fix any of it other than making everyone else leave and then I can run all the remaining two stores and get five damn cents to rub together so I don't die of crazy.

I guess it could have been worse, our governor could have been picked to have more power.

Or even worse, they could have picked me, and I'd be all, "Stop putting money into crap that can kill you, stop making new crap when there's perfectly good old crap, quit whining, and just fix what you already have because the human race somehow managed to survive this far, even through that whole time where they only had caves to live in and gazelles to eat, and even a hundred years ago you'd only be earning half a potato anyway," but with way more swear words. Wait, that's not my urban policy, that's what I tell myself before I get out bed.


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